Port congestion wastes time and money, but there is a better route.

Port congestion wastes time and money, but there is a better route.

You can fly over the issue with air shipping.

Port congestion is a growing concern as shipping routes and carriers become increasingly overwhelmed.

As concerns around Brexit mount, large (and some smaller) businesses are stockpiling their goods causing huge processing delays. Essentially, there is no room as larger quantities of items are being brought in. Carries in turn are choosing to avoid key shipping ports and so diverting to others, which do not have the capacity to handle a sharp increase in traffic.

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Aside from recent events, it’s clear that e-commerce has put many retail companies on the road to less and less profit and in turn are placing more pressure on their logistic agents to deliver at the pace customers expect.  

So what options are available to those looking to import or export their goods?

Typically, it’s a straight choice to send your consignment by AIR or by SEA. However, AIR Freight allows you to circumnavigate all the key concerns around shipping, both old and new.

Typical challenges a consignment manager may face include short delivery time, handling of perishable to dangerous goods, and any impact on the wider logistics chain. With the consolidation of logistics services, it’s seems natural to expect a solution that offers the best service at the best price, without needing to compromise on your key requirements. However, you may find that a cheaper option, which is traditionally sea shipping, could impact arrival, and your bottom line is ways you did not expect. 

Time is money

So, if you have a time sensitive project, dispatch by air is guaranteed to get it delivered on time. Even if a shipping is delayed by a flight, there are still many more running on a typical airline schedule, so the worst you could expect is a few hours late arrival. If a consignment is of very high urgency, you can also explore premium options to ensure it is delivered within just a few hours. Airlines are traditionally more in control of their timelines, but weather can significantly disrupt your timeline if shipping by sea.

False economies

Perceived savings by sea shipping can be immediately drained by a delay and possibly impact your receiving customers thoughts around reliability.  Often, most value is gained by ensuring goods are delivered in good time, as the knock of effects of this down the chain can be significant. In addition, the storage of goods at shipping ports can be unexpected. You can dissolve any uncertainty around delivery of your goods when choosing AIR freight.

Solutions, not consignments

Organising any consignment, by AIR or sea can be complex, so it’s important to be able to rely on a team that know how to ensure your booking has everything covered at the best value. If you have more than one on the horizon you can make significant savings by planning AIR Freight consignments ahead of time.

The team at BRUNEL AIR know exactly how to ensure your consignment is delivered on time, and with the highest possible care. The transparency of AIR Freight means you can be updated at any time and know to the minute when your plane will depart or land. This certainty, combined with the experience of the BRUNEL AIR team means you can guarantee a stable, reliable service at the best possible price.


  • We deliver airfreight services throughout Europe and have access to all major airlines. This is through long standing relationships with agents in every EU country and can offer customers door to door services throughout the EU, handing all aspects of shipments including customs procedures at origin and destination.
  • We provide On board Courier services or OBC for short, which means our team will physically carry goods onto commercial flights and fly them to or from the required destination, declaring commercial goods at origin and destination as required by customs. This service is suitable for smaller consignments that can be moved either as hand luggage or in the hold of an aircraft.
  • Aircraft Charter or Part Charter, we can schedule all types of cargo aircraft all the way up to Antonov 225’s and handle all ground operations including customs to ensure quick and efficient shipping of large shipments.

So, why risk a costly delay when you can have your goods delivered by AIR?

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